Energy management

  • Energy consulting
  • Network support services
  • Energy efficiency

Intelligent metering

The ability to communicate bi-directionally and in real time with legacy STS meters.

Alternative energy

Energy can never be destroyed only converted from one form to another.

Meso Utilities prides itself in being consultants, more specifically in the fields of Energy, Water & Sanitation Management (EWS), Measurement and Verification of Savings, Utility Tariff Analysis and Alternative Energy. Our solutions and services help enterprises conserve energy, water & sanitation costs, reduce carbon footprint, limit environmental impact, reduce operational cost and add value to their infrastructures.


Our energy management solutions enable our customers realize significant cost savings in the way they use energy, be it in water or electricity network systems and infrastructure. We achieve this through the following solutions:

  •  Energy Consulting
  • Network Support Services
  •  Energy efficiency
  • Peak clipping & Load shifting
  •  AMR & AMI


Energy Consulting

Electricity Network Support Services

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Audits
  • AMR
  •  AMI
  • Peak clipping
  • Load shifting


  • The ability to communicate bi-directionally and in near real time with legacy STS meters opens up a world of possibilities:
  • Credit and Engineering Tokens can be sent to the meters directly.
  • Consumption, Credit Balance and TID readings can be obtained from STS meters providing vital information to the utility and customers alike, a vital aspect of revenue protection.
  • Ghost vending can be automatically detected, as well as eliminated through automatic meter key changes.
  • A wide range of geospatially enabled revenue protection features, together with customizable dashboards and reports using Excel Analytics.
  • To avoid vendor variances and settlement disputes, Smart STS facilitates safe, auditable token refunds, a much more practical solution to existing options.
  • Smart STS can perform on demand and scheduled readings using the concentrator which reads the desired meter registers at the appointed times.
  • Smart STS can integrate with your existing vending system to send credit or engineering tokens directly to meters and receive the token entry status.
  • Smart STS can integrate with your existing vending system or using Smart Works vending. The Practicalities of AMI in Emerging Markets.



  • It avoids the significant cost and disruption incurred by meter replacement.
  • A single communication device (modem) enables communication with multiple STS meters, and
  • The AMI data volume transmitted is extremely compact and efficient, keeping error rates and operational costs low.

This line of business was formulated to look into technologies and opportunities for renewable energy with a medium term goal of venturing into IPP. As such most of the work currently centers on alternative energy consulting and feasibility assessment. Technologies being researched into include wind, solar and biomass.

Meso Energy has invested a great deal in skills in the alternative energy business and is in the process of putting together resources to bid for an IPP license.