Energy management

  • Energy consulting
  • Network support services
  • Energy efficiency

Water Management Services

  • Water Office
  • Network maintenance and support services

Alternative energy

Energy can never be destroyed only converted from one form to another.

Meso Utilities prides itself in being consultants, more specifically in the fields of Energy, Water & Sanitation Management (EWS), Measurement and Verification of Savings, Utility Tariff Analysis and Alternative Energy. Our solutions and services help enterprises conserve energy, water & sanitation costs, reduce carbon footprint, limit environmental impact, reduce operational cost and add value to their infrastructures.


Our energy management solutions enable our customers realize significant cost savings in the way they use energy, be it in water or electricity network systems and infrastructure. We achieve this through the following solutions:

  •  Energy Consulting
  • Network Support Services
  •  Energy efficiency
  • Peak clipping & Load shifting
  •  AMR & AMI


Energy Consulting

Electricity Network Support Services

Energy Efficiency

  • Energy Audits
  • AMR
  •  AMI
  • Peak clipping
  • Load shifting

Water Office

With a robust system of managing the water cycle infrastructure, water boards, municipalities and other water providers can be able to manage the water resource in a sustainable way. Our Water Office solution is a system resource that enables a fully integrated network giving water officials the visibility and control of the entire water network to effectively manage services. Disciplines supported include:

  • Water Supply
  • Drainage and waste water
  • Storm water
  • Spatial Asset Management


Network maintenance and support services

This service can be outsourced wholly or its components procured separately. Our network maintenance and support services help water utilities reduce the risks of water system breakdowns through interventions like early detection of leaks, network protection, water pressure monitoring.


This line of business was formulated to look into technologies and opportunities for renewable energy with a medium term goal of venturing into IPP. As such most of the work currently centers on alternative energy consulting and feasibility assessment. Technologies being researched into include wind, solar and biomass.

Meso Energy has invested a great deal in skills in the alternative energy business and is in the process of putting together resources to bid for an IPP license.